Latest Visit

In October six of us visited Piatra Neamt; four, Aubrey, Arthur, Karen and Freda who had been many times before, and two for whom this was their first visit, Michelle and Sue. The trip had four main purposes:

1. To decorate the upstairs room of the Day Centre
2. For the Trustees to hold their annual meeting
3. To see first-hand how the work of Haven in Romania was progressing
4. To encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in Piatra Neamt and to be encouraged ourselves by them.

The upstairs room in the Day Centre is used for many purposes, but it was rather tired-looking and needed a face-lift! Karen, Michelle and Sue took on the task of redecorating and worked tirelessly in order to complete the task. They did it in record time and after placing wonderful pictures on the wall, purchasing a new table and chairs, the room looked stunning. The Piatra Neamt Day Centre team were thrilled.

Freda and Arthur accompanied Vasile on the weekly visit to the villages where our carers provide practical support and basic medical care for needy elderly folk. They cleaned, dusted and encouraged ladies who they had met on previous village visits.

Aubrey preached six times during the visit, and a highlight was the trip to the small church in Bodesti where the children’s work under the leadership of Gary and his wife Joana is growing and God is richly blessing it. Please pray for the future of the church in Bodesti for as things stand, the church building is due to become unavailable at some point soon. Another highlight was the Men’s Outreach Dinner at a hotel in the city centre. It was thrilling to see 40+ men at the dinner including fathers of children from the Day Centre.

All in all, the visit was a great encouragement to us all, and we are looking forward to the visit of Gary (pictured above playing the guitar) and his family to Frinton in January 2019.